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Police Lieutenant Acadia Hobert enforces the law by day, but at nighttime in New Orleans only alcohol takes the edge from the dark childhood memories that haunt her.

When a notorious serial killer with supernatural powers escapes from prison, Acadia is on the case, a bottle of booze nearby to lend courage or numbness, whatever she might need. Steeped in Voodoo mysticism and superstition, CARNIVALe follows the intricate dance of danger between Acadia’s mission to save the Mardi Gras season for a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans and her dogged pursuit of the elusive Baron.

Lust and revenge spur on the current killing spree committed by the Baron and his cohorts, while Acadia vows to stop them, regardless of the cost to herself.

From eerie graveyards to dive bars, Acadia chases the Baron with a final showdown that will leave audiences gasping.


Will the dedicated cop win out over dark, supernatural powers or will evil prevail?

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